UMTR Ultra Series

The UMTR Ultra Series is a series of ultra trail races throughout the upper Midwest.

This year’s sponsor of the Ultra Series is Kottke Construction (612-849-3829)! The male and female overall winners will receive a $75 prize each!

Series Director: Eric Nordgren

2017 Standings: Current Standings (Google Sheet)

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END-SURE 100K/50K Leonard, ND3/18/2017
Zumbro 100 Mile / 50 MileZumbro Falls, MN4/8/2017
Trail Mix 50KRockford, MN4/22/2017
Chippewa 50KNew Auburn, WI4/29/2017
Ice Age 50K / 50 MileLa Grange, WI5/13/2017
Superior Trail 50KLutsen, MN5/20/2017
Kettle Moraine 100K / 100 MileLa Grange, WI6/3/2017
Chester Woods 50KRochester, MN6/3/2017
Black Hills 50K / 100K / 100 MileSturgis, SD6/23/2017
Afton 50KAfton, MN7/1/2017
Voyageur 50 MileCarlton, MN7/29/2017
Marquette 50K / 50 MileMarquette, MI8/19/2017
Lean Horse 50K / 50 Mile / 100 MileHot Springs, SD8/18/2017
Superior 100/50 MileLutsen, MN9/8/2017
Glacial Trail 50K / 50 MileGreenbush, WI10/8/2017
Wild Duluth 50K / 100KDuluth, MN10/21/2017
Surf the Murph 50K / 50 MileSavage, MN10/21/2017
Hixon 50KLa Crosse, MN10/29/2017

Note: 100 milers run during the Ultra Series that are also on the Gnarly Bandit list will count for both series.


  • You must be a UMTR member to participate in the series.
  • Entrance in the Ultra series does not guarantee entry into any individual race. Entrants are responsible for their own race registration and all race entry fees.
  • Races started prior to the official start time will not be counted in the scoring.  This ensures that all runners have the same amount of time and conditions in which to complete an event.
  • There is no retroactive scoring; only races completed after entering the series will be scored.
  • There will be overall male and female winners, plus age groups for each: Open (under 40 years), Masters (40-49) and Grandmasters (50+). A runner’s age group is determined by their age as of April 1, just prior to the start of the series.
  • To avoid duplication of awards, overall winners will not be eligible for age group awards.
  • A runner must complete at least three races to win overall or in their age class.
  • Only official finishes, as determined by the event’s Race Director, will earn points in the series standings.
  • Scoring will be as follows:
    • Participants may run as many of the series races as they wish, any race finished at any distance listed will be used for the final tally.
    • A runner must complete the distance for which he / she originally registered and started to earn points in the series standings.
    • Only official finishes, as determined by the event’s Race Director, will earn points in the series standings.
    • 50 points are awarded for first place among participating series runners, 40 for second, 30 for third, 20 for fourth, 10 for all other finishers.
    • Sweet 16!: The UMTR will honor runners who complete 16 races in EITHER series this year with “Sweet 16!” awards.
    • Legs-of-Iron Bonus: If a runner finishes more than 5 races, any race beyond 5 will earn 10 bonus points, which will be added on to the finish place points.
    • Volunteer Bonus: Volunteering at any race in any UMTR series will be awarded 15 bonus points, applied to both overall and age class standings in all series in which the entrant is participating. Up to 3 bonuses will be applied per entrant per UMTR series season. It is the responsibility of the entrant to notify the series director, of ALL the series in which they participate, of their volunteering within three weeks or by the next race, whichever is later.
    • Point system will be applied per age group, and for the overall championship.
    • There will be no tie-breakers for age group or overall standings.
  • Standings for the series will be posted here. Please contact the series director if there are questions about scoring.

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