Gnarly Bandit Ultra Series

Gnarly Bandit

Are you tough enough? The Gnarly Bandit, is a series of 5 ultramarathon trail races, consisting of four 100 mile races, plus one 100K (because, hey, everyone needs a cool-down). These races are run throughout the Upper Midwest, and there’s a pot of gold at the end for those strong enough to complete the challenge.


Series Coordinator: Robyn Reed

Series Sponsor: Chad Heer (Learn More)

How to Enter:

  • Join the UMTR! You must be a member to compete in the Gnarly Bandit.
    – On the membership form, mark the box that indicates entry into the Gnarly Bandit Series.
  • You must be registered for the Gnarly before the first race, the Zumbro 100M on 4/13/2018.
    – Races are not credited retroactively.
  • That accomplished, you are in the series – but you have a few things left to do…
    – You are responsible for your own registration and fees for each race.
    Note: Some races have field limits, so best not to procrastinate.

Races Show/Hide

Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance RunZumbro Falls, MN4/13/2018
Kettle Moraine 100 MileLa Grange, WI6/2/2018
Black Hills 100 MileSturgis, SD6/22/2018
Superior Sawtooth 100 MileLutsen, MN9/7/2018
Wild Duluth 100KDuluth, MN10/20/2018

2018 Current Entrants: Show/Hide

EntrantSTZumbroKettleB. HillsSuperiorW. Duluth
Erik RaivoMN32:53:58
Brian CorgardMN30:47:4920:21:3228:31:02
Matt McCartyMN28:39:2820:21:3228:30:53
Evan SemrudMN31:04:5620:03:2931:54:05
Nate ZiemskiMN31:57:4421:51:4326:47:27

Remember, too, the work of all who make this series possible. The individual races, volunteers, sponsors, and the UMTR. Drop them a note, e-mail, or for the races, express these sentiments at the event. We may be gnarly, but we’re gnarly nice.

What the Gnarly Bandit himself says (known as Rules by some) 

  • “Of course you have to join them UMTR people before you start, and ya’ gotta throw your hat in on the Gnarly series before the first race. Do I have to break a log over your head?”
  • “I can’t guarantee you entry into any of the races, you gotta do that. Don’t come crying to me out on the ranch about not getting’ in one of my races. Enter ‘em all now, for goodness sake. What are you, chicken? And you gotta pay your own fees; did I even have to be saying that?”
  • “Y’all gotta start at the same time.  Nobody be sneakin’ out on them there trails early.”
  • “Official finishes, as determined by the RD, is what counts. You gotta submit yours to that Schwartz-Lowe fella. He’s a little slow on the uptake; don’t expect him to figure it out I’ll tell you that right now.”
  • “Each Gnarly finisher is recognized with a special award — them UMTR people know some crafty folks — plus you’ll be a-sharin’ in the pot of gold. Now them are some nice neighbors.
  • “One volunteer effort is required by season’s end. You slickers, get out thar and be doin’ something. You don’t expect me to be out there a-doing work, do ya? I gotta take care of the ranches! I gotta be rockin’ in my chair. So, you volunteer at any race, includin’ showshoe, of the current series year. Them race director entrants are exempted from this volunteer requirement because they pay me secretly under the table. he, he, he.”
  • “Expect to be hearin’ from me, too, ‘cause I’ll be payin’ attention if you’re tough enough to earn my honors.”
  • “And if yer needin’ a place to keep you safe from varmints, you better be lookin’ up those fellas from the Pomerenke Group! They’ll find it faster ‘n a hawk spies a rabbit, by golly! Those guys are the real deal. They can come a-huntin’ on the Gnarly Ranches anytime.”

The Gnarly Hall of Fame 

“These Gnarlyites are the Gnarliest of them runner-types. Gettin’ on my Hall of Fame is harder than gettin’ a bull to give milk — but these few went and did it no-how. Well, here’s a tip of the old duster and a new chaw in the jowl just to be a-celebratin’.”

2008Pierre Ostor
2009Daryl Saari
2010Dale HumphreysDaryl Saari *
2011Adam Schwartz-Lowe
2012Aaron Buffington
John Taylor
Brian Woods
2013Angela Barbera
Joseph Hegman
Ron Hendrickson
Tina Johnson
Matt Menacher
Jessica Pendleton
Darryl Saari
John Taylor
2014Veronique Boucher
John Maas
Jordan Schmidt
2015Todd Brown
Janet Hausken
Timothy Kruse
Jeffrey Lenard
Adam Rood
Brian Woods
2016Jim Lemke
Erik Raivo
Susan Donnelly
2017Andrew Deering
Tina Johnson
Jeff Leuwerke
Erik Raivo
Carl Skustad
* By completing the Wild Duluth 100K in addition to the regular (4 race) Gnarly schedule in 2010, Daryl completed what was then known as the Ultimate Gnarly (5 races). As of 2011, all 5 races were required to officially complete the one-and-only Gnarly Bandit schedule.