The Upper Midwest Trail Runners is an organization for anyone who likes to run off road – whether dirt, grass, rocks, mud, snow — really, any trail that isn’t paved. We want to encourage more people to run trails and have fun before, during, and after runs. Our organization promotes trail stewardship, a volunteer ethic, trail running ambassadorship and recreational and competitive trail running pursuits.


UMTR Fatass

A couple of weeks ago UMTR hosted a fatass run in Jay Cooke State Park. 10 of us showed up for a nice run of about 10 miles (a few went longer). We had some good snacks afterwards too. Look for another one in the fall, and let us know if you’d like to host one.

New Member Benefit – Eagle Trace Wellness Center

We are pleased to partner with chiropractor Dr. Jarad Davis at Eagle Trace Sport and Spine to offer UMTR members a discount on his services, including Active Release Techniques (ART).   UMTR members will receive 50% off for a first visit then 20% off on future treatment. Please present your membership card to avail of the discount. Eagle Trace Wellness Center 12002 County Rd. 11 Burnsville, MN 55337 P: 952-808-2922 www.eagletracespineandsport.com

June Fat Ass at Jay Cooke State Park

Have you always wanted to explore some of the trails of Jay Cooke state park? Come join UMTR for a Fat Ass fun run on June 27th at 9AM at the Jay Cooke visitors center. Run options of several lengths will be available and there might even be munchies afterward too!

Gnarly Bandit: For Better Or For Worse

The Gnarly Bandit sat hunched over the table, throbbing head in his hands. It was one of those mornings, the kind that drove one to carefully contemplate his relationship with Tequila. If someone were to knock his elbows out from under, he wondered if his head would stay put, or crash to the table leaving a forehead shaped dent in the hickory. He couldn’t imagine Read More →

3rd Episode of UMTR Podcast

John Focke has finished up the third edition of the UMTR Podcast. This one features Joel Button and Jason Kask. https://soundcloud.com/upper-midwest-trail-runne/umtr-podcast-ep-3  

Gnarly Bandit: Searching for the King of Cool

The Gnarly Bandit considered the curious amalgam of rough-necks, goons and thieves that passed for clientele in this well-aged watering hole. Back home, they would have been at each other’s throats. Here, they conducted themselves as gentlemen; like siblings home for Christmas, quelling their differences, if only to smile simultaneously (and momentarily) for the family picture. It was a détente the patrons accepted for Bandit-Con, Read More →

Trail Fighter Weekend at TCRC

Check out what’s going on at TCRC this weekend (March 27-30)!  UMTR members get 25% off shoes and 30% off apparel.  On Friday the 27th come and see the premier of “Trail Fighter” at 7PM.  Remember you membership cards. TRAIL FIGHTER TOUR

New Edition of UMTR Podcast, by John Focke

John Focke has finished up the second edition of the UMTR Podcast. This one features John Storkamp, Eric Nordgren, and Adam Schwartz-Lowe. Listen up to the best half hour of your life: https://soundcloud.com/upper-midwest-trail-runne/umtr-podcast-ep-2  

Superior 100 and Gnarly Bandit

As most have heard, the Superior 100 is moving to a lottery this year.  This has an impact on those doing the Gnarly Bandit as they will need to commit to Superior much earlier than normal.  We have worked on some allowances for Gnarly Bandit runners to ensure that they, with some provisions, will be able to get into Superior.  Please read the following paragraph Read More →

UMTR Podcast

Check out the inaugural episode of the UMTR Podcast! Learn what UMTR is, about our various race series, and get the inside scoop on the Arrowhead 135.  Big thanks to John Focke for being the driving force behind this.

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